Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Successful Evasion

Simply this: Successfully!  This,   
the word they wrotefrom news we heard— 
of how we dodged the damned police.  
But we too evaded sadness,
regret (for who we'd now become),
dread, disgust at weakness within, 
and fury at a world unfair
those, they never printed or said,
but were torments still that we fled;
and past and future too (enough, 
to only think of cash and cops):  
No homespun Spider-Man pillows, 
Batman blankets, Zorro flipflops....
shopping for hoodies, gloves, and hats 
(for winter), with our moms and dads,
under the summer's hottest star,   
for second-hands in old bazaar. 
Evading who we were, could be, 
we fixed our eyes on dazzling rocks—
sleek fragmented mirrors, tokens  
of commitment, happiness, love— 
that could for us on black market,
bring in (fingers crossed) crazy bucks.

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