Sunday, September 20, 2015


In a vase
Love arose.
Love, the dirt.
Love, the rose.

Love in space.
Love in time.
Love in "not."
Love in "I'm."

Love, the name.
Love, the bounds.
Love, the taste.
Love, the sounds.

Love, inside.
Love, out there.
Love, to be.
Love, as care.

Love is safe.
Love is hushed.
Love is dared.
Love is rushed.

Love, to get.
Love, to give.
Love is long.
Love is live.

Love is old.
Love is teens
Love is ends.
Love is means.

Love in flesh.
Love in soul.
Love that lacks.
Love is whole.


Love of eyes.
Love of lips.
Love of curves.
Love of hips.

Love the scents
Love the chests.
Love the beards.
Love the breasts.

Love that lures.
Love confessed.
Love that woos.
Love undressed.

Love, you need.
Love, I must.
Love, you crave.
Love, I lust.


love   p  u  l  s  a  t  e  s


love red white

Love, in bed.
Love, each breath.
Love, in sky.
Love, till death.

Love is pledged.
Love, with dread.
Love, engaged.
Love is wed.

Love is mine.
Love is yours.
Love, kisses.
Love, the chores.

Love, the spell.
Love, achieved.
Love, labor.
Love, conceived.

Love, revealed:
Love, from womb.
Love, that lives.
Love, to tomb.

Love of babes.
Love wiggles.
Love that coos.
Love giggles.

Love of play.
Love, explores.
Love of toys.
Love, all fours.

Love, their dolls.
Love, car toys.
Love, our girls.
Love, our boys.


Love we fake.
Love we lie.
Love we sell.
Love we buy.

Love we use.
Love we waste.
Love we wound.
Love we base.

Love you faced.
Love you fought.
Love you failed.
Love you, not. 

Love you held.
Love you veiled.
Love you walled.
Love you jailed.

Love you left.
Love you forced.
Love we took.
Love, divorced.



Ache for love.
Bawl for love.
Pray for love.
All‒for love.

Love I feel.
Love I do
Love I be.
Love I you.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

I asked love:
What am I
now to do? 
Whispered Love:

"Like your love.
Love your love.
Live your love.
Lavish love.

Once is love.
One is love.
Oath is love.
Old is love.

Visit love.
Vouch for love.
Voice your love.
Vote for love.

Every love.
Earthly love.
Earnest love.
Easy love.

Look for love.
Opt for love.
Value love.
End with love."

Love I love.
Love your love.
Love for love.
Love with love.

Love loves love.
Love loves love.

Love loves


Love loves


Love.  Love.  Love.



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