Saturday, November 5, 2016

Barbed Wire

imprisoned by taX that falls like aX can't relaX
when my faX like some broken saX about to climaX
beeps as I speak with my eX oh I miss seX
she was a foX and yet here I am filling her boX
with her things the bronze oX her blue soX
the detoX pills and a picture of her in tuX
the X-rated flicks we bought that couldn't fiX
it was too compleX like tears for kleeneX
like this accursed taX papers and my old faX
machine that spat another siX pages into the miX
the barbed matriX tightens around this phoeniX
inside I hope I rise anew from this jinX so sphinX
please speak a paradoX and help me out of this boX

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